“Since 1985, I believe they have paid for themselves each year in what they save me in repair costs. Three specific points I’d like to mention:

1. Using Fleetpro saved me from getting sued. An employee sued us claiming that we were negligent in maintaining our vehicle. Carroll Insulation was able to produce Fleetpro records proving that the vehicle was maintained, and when we sent the Fleetpro Records to the lawyer, he dropped his case.

2. State Police began doing random checks at businesses only a few weeks after a PM law was enacted. They came to Carroll Insulation and asked to see our records. We showed them the Fleetpro Computerized checklist, which met and exceeded the law. Because of the Fleetpro Computerized Check system, we never had to add anything to what we were already doing.

3. We used to have to track mileage on trucks then send them to a service station a few miles away. It took 2 men to take there and 2 men to retrieve it the next day. With Fleetpro, the work is done at our location, and we never lose truck time, and have no shuttle costs."

Larry Helminiak
Carroll Insulation

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Since 1982, Fleetpro has been the nation′s premier provider of Preventive Maintenance and Inspection (PMI) services, products, and information to vehicle and equipment fleet users.  Helping fleet customers reduce costs and increase productivity are Fleetpro’s primary goals.

full maintenance


Fleetpro provides all administration, management, supervision and support staff for the individual needs of a fleet and oversees all fleet management functions.  Fleetpro staffs to meet these needs 24/7/365.

3rd party audit


Maintenance Audits enable fleet owners and managers to assess the condition of their fleet, ensure that provisions with their vendors are compliant and that sound maintenance practices are being followed in the facility and by the maintenance staff.

Providing a Solution for Vehicle and Equipment Fleets

Fleetpro offers a solution to increase  productivity for fleets, mechanics and operations  while, at the same time, reducing overall maintenance and repair costs. Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Fleetpro services over 14,000 vehicles for over 300 fleets in the Mid-Atlantic area.

On-Site, Off Hours Service

Fleetpro delivers Preventive Maintenance and Inspection services conveniently on-site, at the clients location during off-hour shifts, including weeknights and Saturdays to ensure that fleets are operating at 100% capacity during peak business hours. Fleet service schedules are developed in accordance with factory scheduled maintenance, DOT requirements and customer specific fleet maintenance needs.

High Quality Inspection & Exception Reporting

Fleetpro’s Exception Reporting System organizes pending repairs in order of priority and flags urgent repair concerns.  Degree of Severity Ratings are assigned  to all pending repairs using safety and regulatory criteria. The separation of the PMI function from the repair function provides an excellent check and balance for fleet managers.  PMI scheduling and tracking is based upon manufacturer, regulatory and specific maintenance requirements.

Fleets Served

Fleetpro provides services for commercial, local, municipal, state and federal vehicle and equipment fleets. These customers operate on and off-road, marine units and equipment with low-emission hybrid, CNG, gas, diesel and clean diesel engines.

Quality Delivered

Meeting the maintenance needs of commercial-grade fleets, Fleetpro’s systems are cost efficient and deliver the products, including equipment, fluid delivery and oil evacuation systems in both truck-mounted and fixed distribution (depot) locations.

Services are delivered by trained technicians and supported by an Operations Management system that documents the daily, weekly, and monthly requirements.