“Since 1985, I believe they have paid for themselves each year in what they save me in repair costs. Three specific points I’d like to mention:

1. Using Fleetpro saved me from getting sued. An employee sued us claiming that we were negligent in maintaining our vehicle. Carroll Insulation was able to produce Fleetpro records proving that the vehicle was maintained, and when we sent the Fleetpro Records to the lawyer, he dropped his case.

2. State Police began doing random checks at businesses only a few weeks after a PM law was enacted. They came to Carroll Insulation and asked to see our records. We showed them the Fleetpro Computerized checklist, which met and exceeded the law. Because of the Fleetpro Computerized Check system, we never had to add anything to what we were already doing.

3. We used to have to track mileage on trucks then send them to a service station a few miles away. It took 2 men to take there and 2 men to retrieve it the next day. With Fleetpro, the work is done at our location, and we never lose truck time, and have no shuttle costs."

Larry Helminiak
Carroll Insulation

Our Management Team

presidentPresident and Founder
Thomas Farcosky

A visionary leader, Tom Farcosky, brings an extensive background of technical support, sales, product development, marketing and management experience. Mr. Farcosky’s strong working knowledge of computers and communication systems are a key component in providing relevant solutions for fleet operational performance excellence.

  • Attended UMBC
  • Vietnam 1967-1969
  • Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance
  • Maryland Motor Truck Association
  • Association of Equipment Management Professionals
  • American Society for Quality Control
  • American Trucking Association
  • American Production and Inventory Society


Vice President
Kieran (K.J.) Reynolds

Mr. Reynolds, KJ, serves as marketing and strategic partnership coordinator. His tactical experience relating to fleet maintenance, hard and soft cost analysis, as well as strategic planning compliments Fleetpro’s ability to provide workable solutions for fleets.


  • University of Arizona, B.S.
  • National Association of Fleet Administration, Nations Capital Chapter
  • Equipment Maintenance Council 
  • Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance
  • Maryland Motor Truck Association
  • Association of Equipment Management Professionals
  • American Trucking Association
  • American Public Works Association
  • Advisory Council of the Excel Institute


director of operationsVice President of Operations
Matt Farcosky

Mr. Farcosky manages the daily demands of Fleetpro customers and service crews.  He oversees all 4 of Fleetpro’s locations.  His corporate management skills and training program keeps Fleetpro’s operations in the forefront of the industry.  In addition, Matt handles all of the recruiting and hiring for Fleetpro, Inc.



  • Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Financial Management, Towson University, 2007
  • ASE Certified Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Technician
  • Wix Institute Filter Media and Construction Education Class
  • Certified Inspector (Code of Maryland Regulations 11.22 and FHWA 396, CVSA Out-of-Service Criteria)
  • Application Software: Windows, Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, Transman TMT, FleetFocus, Nexpart, Paychex, QBE


secretary-treasurerSecretary -Treasurer
Carol Davis (Farcosky)

Ms. Davis came to Fleetpro in 1985. Since that time, Carol has spent twenty years in customer service and as head of Control and Scheduling. In the last six years, she has been the director of Human resources and the office administrator. As the Secretary-Treasurer of Fleetpro she works in the areas of Finance and Customer Service.

Prior to arriving at Fleetpro Carol spent twenty years in Dental Hygiene and Dental Practice Management.


accounting managerController
Bill Hyde

Bill Hyde, Controller, graduated from Frostburg State College with a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. Bill brings to Fleetpro over 15 years of experience in finance and banking.  Since his arrival, Bill has moved up the month-end process, installed various internal controls, initiated a 401K program and increased the efficiency of the department overall. Bill has overseen Fleetpro’s aggressive and exciting growth during the past year.

As Fleetpro continues to expand, Bill will be instrumental in managing the Headquarter’s Expansion Project which includes the addition of new PMI vehicles.