Fleetpro provides preventive maintenance and inspection services to vehicle and equipment fleets. The services that we provide include:

  • Oil, lube and filter services
  • Fluid checks and top off services
  • Tire checks
  • Brake inspections and adjustments
  • An extremely comprehensive inspection

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Fleetpro’s Services

  • We have an in-house maintenance operation. Why do we need an outside vendor? Our role is to support your current operation, not replace it. Our services improve the productivity and effectiveness of your current mechanic/technician staff by providing them with more “scheduled repairs,” which give you a better return on your investment in mechanic payroll. With our exception reporting and focus on preventive maintenance and inspections, your in-house mechanics can spend their time diagnosing and fixing repairs.  
  • How exactly will you save me money? Our customers experience cost reductions in several ways. Some see a reduction to their direct repair costs within the first year, because we are able to identify and organize repairs early in the failure cycle, before breakdowns. We have many customers that site a 20% – 30% reduction in overall fleet maintenance costs. Customers experience an even greater reduction in indirect cost areas like shuttle costs, breakdowns, and equipment productivity.
  • How much do you charge? We work on a fixed-price system, based on the specific engine and chassis, as well as the type of service or level of inspection required. Logistics also plays a role in our pricing: how many units we are able to service at one time/one location.
  • Do you do repairs? Our focus is preventive maintenance. We may get into minor adjustments, a light or a wiper blade, but if we tell you that your driveline needs to be repaired, we’re not the ones who will do that. Why? There are several reasons: PMs and repairs are a two-step process, and a totally different skill-set. The mechanic who is capable of doing repairs is not necessarily the same mechanic who is capable at performing preventive maintenance or knowing regulatory criteria for inspections. We generally report problems before catastrophic failures so you have plenty of time to schedule the repair into the shop. Using our system allows for a natural “check and balance” to take place between our crews and your repair shop.
  • We tried using a PM contractor before and we had a bad experience. Unfortunately, these things happen. The apparent ease of doing lube, oil, and filter produces a lot of start-up companies that are “one-man-band” kind of organizations. It isn’t until they are faced with the complexities of fleets like yours with various service requirements and logistics, that they see how difficult it can be. The good news is that the services offered by Fleetpro are based on more than 30 years of experience in on-site preventive maintenance and inspection. Our technicians and crews are required to complete extensive training and continuing education. All of our employees are trained and tested in preventive maintenance and “regulatory inspection criteria” including COMAR, FHWA, and CVSA. We understand the complexities of delivering a consistent high quality service.
  • Why should I pay you for filters and oil? I can get them myself without a Markup. That’s a good point. The fact of the matter is that no one hires us because we provide oil and filters at a lesser cost than buying direct. Our mission is to reduce overall maintenance and repair costs. Additionally, it is important to recognize that filters and oil amount to approximately 2% – 3% of a company’s budget. If you pay a little more for that 3% of your budget, but save up to 30% on your repair budget (which it typically 70% – 80% of your budget totals), you win.
  • If I hire you, I’ll have to let my mechanics go. Not really. In our 30 years in business, no one has ever hired us and turned around the next day to lay off their in-house mechanics. We are here to work with your mechanics. Some of our customers started out using our services in a small part of their fleet and then they rolled us out through attrition or as the fleet grew. If you have good mechanics, wouldn’t you rather have them working on repairs, instead of spending their time on PMs? Our program allows you to focus your mechanics’ time on scheduled repairs vs. routine maintenance.