Operations Management Trainee – Elkridge, Maryland

Fleetpro provides maintenance services for vehicle and equipment fleets. Currently, over 14,000 vehicles, operated by 300 fleet customers utilize Fleetpro’s services within the Mid Atlantic area.

Fleetpro customers include private as well as municipal, local, state and federal government fleets, ranging in size from 10 to 4000 units.

Our Company Goals:

•Provide a quality service to our customers which permits them to be more productive and to reduce costs
• Develop the expertise, opportunities and rewards of our technicians
• Provide our staff and associates an opportunity to excel in the service sector
• Continue to innovate and apply the latest technology to the services industry for the benefit of our customers

Job Description:

The Management Trainee will support the shop management process and assist in cost savings, customer retention, and metric-based initiatives. This requires the Management Trainee to work cross functionally across Operations, Asset Management, and Sales.


•The daily dispatch, supervision and training of branch field personnel.
• Following the company’s system of policies and procedures
• Maintaining and tracking all inventory items and
• Keeping the branch trucks in optimal working condition.
• Responsible for the customer relationship activities by providing quality customer interface, proactive customer management, issue resolution, and customer satisfaction
• Ensure policy and processes are followed to optimize running costs and maintenance overhead
• People: Effectively develop and lead employees to increase productivity and moral
• Review, analyze, and proactively develop steps to attain maintenance metrics
• Create and execute action plans for continuous improvement to align with quality objectives
• Financial Management: Financial reporting and cost control related to maintenance and asset management

Specific duties would include:

•Dispatching, monitoring and auditing the daily routing of crews, in order to improve resource allocation and increase the efficiency of services at different customer locations, as well as meeting revenue and profit objectives.
• Understanding and fulfilling customer expectations using Fleetpro resources.
• Keeping a sufficient inventory of vehicle filters, fluids and PMI-related parts in accordance with established procedures.
• Maintaining adequate records – both physical and electronic.
• Providing training, tools, supplies, and reference material to mechanics and technicians.
• Working with vendors and Fleetpro DC administrative personnel.

Preferred Knowledge and Experience:

•Truck, bus, auto and equipment system and component nomenclature
• Understanding of fleet operations – vehicles, systems and components.
• Understanding of scheduling requirements for PMI services – including fluids, filters and frequencies.
• Vendor relations in the trucking and maintenance industry.
• Ability to function effectively in a dynamic, fast-paced, and highly detailed maintenance environment.


  • 1-2 years of experience in a relevant field is preferred: Fleet Management, Brand Management, Marketing, Business Communications, Business Management, Sales, etc.
  • Comfortable using Microsoft Office, including Outlook, Excel and Word.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • US Driver’s License
  • Must be at least 18 years old

To apply, send your resume to:  kristenh@fleetpro.com