“Since 1985, I believe they have paid for themselves each year in what they save me in repair costs. Three specific points I’d like to mention:

1. Using Fleetpro saved me from getting sued. An employee sued us claiming that we were negligent in maintaining our vehicle. Carroll Insulation was able to produce Fleetpro records proving that the vehicle was maintained, and when we sent the Fleetpro Records to the lawyer, he dropped his case.

2. State Police began doing random checks at businesses only a few weeks after a PM law was enacted. They came to Carroll Insulation and asked to see our records. We showed them the Fleetpro Computerized checklist, which met and exceeded the law. Because of the Fleetpro Computerized Check system, we never had to add anything to what we were already doing.

3. We used to have to track mileage on trucks then send them to a service station a few miles away. It took 2 men to take there and 2 men to retrieve it the next day. With Fleetpro, the work is done at our location, and we never lose truck time, and have no shuttle costs."

Larry Helminiak
Carroll Insulation

About Fleetpro

Fleetpro provides maintenance services for vehicle and equipment fleets. Currently, over 14,000 vehicles, operated by 300 fleet customers utilize Fleetpro’s services within the Mid Atlantic area. Fleetpro customers include private as well as municipal, local, state and federal government fleets, ranging in size from 10 to 4000 units.

Our Company Goals

  • Provide a quality service to our customers which permits them to be more productive and to reduce costs
  • Develop the expertise, opportunities and rewards of our technicians
  • Provide our staff and associates an opportunity to excel in the service sector
  • Continue to innovate and apply the latest technology to the services industry for the benefit of our customers

Fleetpro’s service contracts include:

•  Preventive Maintenance and Inspection services

•  Full Maintenance/turn key services i.e. fueling, washing, PMI

•  Maintenance Audits which cover,  fleet vehicles, vehicle records,  repair facilities and staffing.

Markets Served


Vehicle Fleets for Public Works, Police, Fire and Rescue, Transit and School as well as other Municipal Government departments depend on Fleetpro services to support their departments and keep them running. 

These agencies successfully partner with Fleetpro to reduce the cost of fleet maintenance by as much as 30% while increasing the productivity of the fleet, mechanics and user departments. Reductions in repair costs, reduced shuttle costs and fewer breakdowns deliver savings to fleet budgets. Increased fleet availability and  the reduction of vehicle replacement costs generate equal to or greater savings for these customers. 



Fleetpro delivers maintenance services to government owned and contractor supplied school bus fleets.   Performing safety inspections and maintenance procedures specified by state and federal regulations help to assure the safety of children riding these buses.

Additionally, Fleetpro is experienced in various types of special projects including manufacturer recalls, OEM modifications including drive train, body, wheel chair lifts, fuel systems, etc., and fleet assessment inspections in order for transfer of fleet management.


Transit & Shuttle Bus Fleets

Fleetpro’s wide range of experience with transit and shuttle buses fleets, includes, among others, Cummins and Detroit engines, CNG engines, Voith & Allison Transmissions, Dana drive axles, Meritor axles, Bendix “S” cam automatic slack adjuster, MGM brake chamber and Meritor Wabaco ABS system. Additionally we support the Bock Sutrak, Thermo King and Carrier HVAC systems. Fleetpro utilizes advanced engine management computer systems and technology to assure peak operating performance at the lowest costs. This system is supported with specialized technical equipment.



 Fleetpro delivers on-site and off-hours services to on and off road equipment fleets. Without disruption to  construction operations, Fleetpro manages the delivery of maintenance services to multiple job sites. 



Fleetpro’s  services include support for owned and leased truck fleets.  Truck fleet customers range from; wholesale delivery, food distribution and service fleets to HAZMAT, dump truck and line haul fleets. State and federal regulatory inspection requirements are satisfied using Fleetpro’s inspection and Record of Inspection.