Fleetpro takes pride in having developed the most extensive self-guided, regulatory inspection training program series available to the commercial fleet industry. The training program is designed to train technicians to deliver the highest quality, standardized, regulatory PMI and to inspect vehicles in accordance with the regulations mandated by State and Federal inspection agencies, including those set forth in:

  • Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Appendix “G,” Minimum Periodic Inspection Standards,
  • State of Maryland, Code of Maryland Regulations COMAR 11.22, Preventive Maintenance Program
  • Federal Highway 393, Parts and Accessories Necessary for Safe Operation,
  • Federal Highway 396.17, Inspection Repair and Maintenance 
  • Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and Out of Service Recommendation Criteria Part II. 

By identifying repairs early in their failure cycle, Fleetpro customers are able to recognize overall reductions in their repair and maintenance budget.

Once Technicians are tested and achieve a 90+% score they are certified, and they begin learning Fleetpro’s unique inspection checklist which is based on the safety regulations and recommended maintenance practices from TMC and ATA.  Each day, management grades the technician, and a data specialist rates the technician’s paperwork for regulatory and inventory accuracy.  The data specialist provides instant feedback to the employee.

In addition to the daily review process, a monthly training forum and crew meeting ensures that each and every technician is current on industry information, regulatory changes, specific vehicle and fleet concerns. Most importantly, technicians are briefed on specific customer needs and requests.

“With everybody working as a team, we make every possible attempt to have reliable inspections,” states Christina Pollikof, Maintenance Control and Data Analysis Specialist.  Ms. Pollikof, whose job it is to review and rate the work orders, has completed the training programs and holds the same training certifications as Fleetpro’s regulatory inspection technicians. “Fleetpro’s accountability protocol includes a series of quality checks and balances as part of the Quality and Productivity Reporting System,” notes Ms. Pollikof.

 “Fleetpro Training and Certification Program Series” was developed in 1986 as a joint project between  Fleetpro and by Dr. Gary Rosecrans, Professor of Instructional Course Development at the Towson University. The program has been refined and expanded over the past 25 years.  It was updated between 1994 and 1997 with three University of Maryland University College Instructional Course Development professors under a MIPS (Maryland Education) grant.  Between 2007 and 2010, Matt Farcosky, Fleetpro Operations Manager, and a team of Fleetpro Training Program administrators affected a third set of major revisions to the series that reflected upcoming industry and regulatory changes.  The revisions were coordinated with the introduction of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Compliance. Safety. Accountability. (CSA) initiative.  Once again, Fleetpro’s investments in training have paid off, as regulatory understanding and inspection is the foundation of the CSA program!