“Since 1985, I believe they have paid for themselves each year in what they save me in repair costs. Three specific points I’d like to mention:

1. Using Fleetpro saved me from getting sued. An employee sued us claiming that we were negligent in maintaining our vehicle. Carroll Insulation was able to produce Fleetpro records proving that the vehicle was maintained, and when we sent the Fleetpro Records to the lawyer, he dropped his case.

2. State Police began doing random checks at businesses only a few weeks after a PM law was enacted. They came to Carroll Insulation and asked to see our records. We showed them the Fleetpro Computerized checklist, which met and exceeded the law. Because of the Fleetpro Computerized Check system, we never had to add anything to what we were already doing.

3. We used to have to track mileage on trucks then send them to a service station a few miles away. It took 2 men to take there and 2 men to retrieve it the next day. With Fleetpro, the work is done at our location, and we never lose truck time, and have no shuttle costs."

Larry Helminiak
Carroll Insulation

Going Green

All Fleetpro Trucks are California certified clean idle, and represent the newest innovations in clean diesel technology.

Fleetpro not only provides PM and PMI for fleets that use bio fuel, CNG and hybrid vehicles, but is committed to environmentally conscious practices within their own business.  Fleetpro has recently added five new service trucks that are certified clean idle.  In addition, they converted hydraulically powered generators and compressors, normally not required on small engines, to eliminate two “dirty” engines on each truck.  These compressors and generators would previously run with out catalytic converters.

100% of the oil generated during Fleetpro’s  PM services is recycled through a certified used oil recycling company and all Fleetpro maintenance technicians are trained in spill prevention and clean up.  Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans are also in place at all maintenance facilities.

Internally, Fleetpro is working with a local paper/cardboard source to implement a plan to completely eliminate paper and cardboard from their waste system.

Fleetpro avoided 255 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions April 2011 – April 2012 through a closed-loop oil recycling program. This is the equivalent of:

  • 48,066 therms of natural gas
  • 28,594 gallons of gasoline
  • 10,414 propane cylinders used for home BBQ’s
  • 594 barrels of oil consumed
  • Emissions avoided by recycling 89 tons of waste instead of sending it to a landfill