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Kiki Taylor: 4/15

Dionne Jackson: 4/21

Brandon Wheatley: 4/22

february 2
Work Anniversaries

Carol Farcosky: 4/01 (39 yrs.)
James Moss: 4/14 (10 yrs.)
John Jones: 4/24 (1 yr.)
Walter Jones: 4/22 (11 yrs.)

Employee of Month
Customer Kudos
Customer Kudos
Jewelry Safety

A. Smoke-Free Workplace
Our company is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for employees and visitors. Smoking is not allowed in company buildings or work areas at any time. Smoking is not allowed in a company vehicle or at customer locations. “Smoking” includes the use of any tobacco products (including chewing tobacco), electronic smoking devices, and e-cigarettes. Smoking is only permitted during break times in designated outdoor areas. Employees using these areas are expected to dispose of any smoking debris safely and properly. Smoking is only permitted at least ten (10) feet from any Fleetpro building/office.

Core Values
Core Values







Masks Required
TMC Conference- MARCH 2023 Orlando
Captain America

As Captain America Would Say
" I can do this all day"
Here at Fleetpro we come together and work as a team "Avengers! Assemble"

Employment Referrals
Employees who refer a qualified candidate who subsequently is hired are eligible for a referral bonus payment of $500.00.

This bonus is paid in two (2) installments after the referred employee is hired. The first (1st) installment of $250.00 (USD) is paid after the referred employee 90th day. The second (2nd) installment of $250.00 (USD) is paid after the referred employee 180th day.

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