Employee of the Month – February 2022

Fleetpro’ s February Employee of the month is Jermaine Robinson.  In February, Jermaine was assigned several difficult tasks above and beyond his normal daily requirements.  First, he was given the task of assisting with repairs to our company fleet.  Working with our fleet administrator, he developed lists and planned out the timing and logistics for the necessary work to get accomplished.  He also took more responsibility in our computer software for parts acquisition and inventory control.  Next, Jermaine spent many hours and long days helping us to prepare for a new client.  This involved being responsible for all parts and fluid requirements, any special tools needed, and having our trucks set up and ready to go.  He did all of this and was a key part of the team that performed the services for the new client.

Jermaine is extremely reliable, knowledgeable, and cares.  His actions show our core values of Safety, Quality, Productivity, Service, Drive, and Team.  Again Congratulations to Jermaine!