Employee of the Month – July 2021

The employee of the month for July was consistently recognized week after week for extraordinary performance in various areas which include;

Consistently in attendance and on time
Maintaining, and assisting others in maintaining, our company fleet
Working various shifts, without hesitation
Flexibility in working alone at times
Stepping up as a Foreperson, by training technicians, providing excellent coaching, adhering to the rules and not taking shortcuts in training. Also, using positivity while training and working with others.
Quality daily communications; wanting to know what and where the next job was, properly dispatching and following the procedure, calling in routinely at the job sites, reporting issues with parts, tools, paperwork, and company service vehicle, but also helping in the solution to those issues.
The efforts of this employee truly describe what it takes for our Team to be successful and provide one of a kind, unequaled deliverables, to our Great Customers.

Congratulations to Walt Jones, the July 2021 Fleetpro Employee of the Month.