Employee of the Month – April 2021

Fleetpro is proud to announce Mason McKechnie as the 2021 April Employee of the Month.  Mason has recently Achieved 3 ASE Certifications, H4, H6, and H8 – Transit Bus Brakes, Electrical and Preventive Maintenance and Inspection.  Mason has been a critical piece of the workforce of the BWI Rent A Car Shuttle Bus operation during the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, and has worked diligently and reliably to keep the critical infrastructure moving. 

Further Mason has assisted the PMI Division providing inspections and quality control for several key accounts, learning the sequenced inspections of Fleetpro’s Work Orders.

Mason competed in 2019 Maryland Supertech and is now turning his focus to a 2021 win with his eye on the National Supertech Competition.  Mason has signed over 56 TMC Recommended Practices, ASE 609, and is now beginning work on Cummins Virtual College.

Mason also achieved his CDL during the pandemic, and has been working through the Fleetpro Technician/Foreman Training program.  Mason has also worked on a GPS and Mobile Video Recorder troubleshooting project for the Maryland Aviation Authority.

Most Recently in June, Mason has been working on the Charm City Circulator Project and has been learning and applying Fleetpro’s proprietary Degree of Severity to provide an accurate record of inspection of Charm City Circulator’s fleet to the Contractor and City of Baltimore.

Fleetpro is proud to recognize Mason’s achievements and continue to provide challenging new opportunities and support.  Congratulations and keep up the good work, Mason.